Preliminary application for 2025

The “Aesthetic Academy” is a postgraduate lifelong learning program in non-surgical aesthetic medicine run by the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka (MEDRI) and the Medical Esthetic Institute (MEI). It is being implemented in collaboration with the Croatian Society for Esthetic Medicine of the Croatian Medical Association (CSEM CMA). The program is also supported by the Southeast Europe Facial Aesthetic Society (SEEFAS) and the Special Hospital Thalassotherapia Opatija. 

General information:

  • The program awards 12 ECTS credits upon completion
  • The admission requirement is a completed degree in Medicine or Dental Medicine
  • The program is conducted over six weekends within a year
  • The enrollment quota is limited for a better implementation of the program
  • The price is 5.000,00 €
  • The deposit is 500,00 €

The “Aesthetic Academy” program includes the acquisition and mastering of theoretical and practical skills in the application of various methods and strategies of procedures in aesthetic medicine. The program is intended for all medical doctors and dental doctors who don’t have specialized training in this area, as well as doctors with completed specialized training who want to further improve and refine their knowledge and skills in this area.

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